Jelly bag caps instead of breathing masks

By Wolfgang Bittner.

The coronavirus has infested their brains.

The corona epidemic, declared a pandemic by the private WHO, is claiming its victims. Every day we hear from the private Johns Hopkins University in the USA and from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) shocking – though not verified – numbers of infected and deaths. Politics and the media have been keeping the population on tenterhooks for weeks with ever more horror reports. Panic is the order of the day.

Without denying the danger threatening the population, everything that needed to be said and written about the course of the epidemic and the drastic government measures has been said and written in the meantime – except by the government agencies and their associated leading media. Criticism is faded out, critics are ridiculed or defamed.

The manipulation of the COVID-19 case numbers is even proven by a table from the RKI Daily Situation Report of 1.4.2020:

The more people are tested now, the higher the number of infected people. In addition, convalescents are further classified as infected. And the figures given for those who died from COVID-19 are also not valid because all those in whom the coronavirus was detected are included. The actual causes of death due to other diseases or previous illnesses are therefore not taken into account. Verifiable figures are therefore not yet available, a shortcoming for which the Federal Government, especially the Minister of Health, is responsible. Incorrect and dubious data transmission is inciting hysteria and panic instead of preventing it in this tense situation.

Statistical figures prove that there have also been numerous deaths from flu epidemics in recent years: in 2017/18, the so-called excess mortality rate in Germany was 25,100 and in 2016/17 it was 22,900. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, there were about nine million flu-related visits to the doctor in 2017/18 and 3.8 million in 2018/19. Incapacity to work caused by flu illnesses was stated at 2.3 million for 2018/19.

This was hardly reported at the time. So why all these scare tactics now? Many people are rightly wondering what’s behind it. Because the situation is absolutely not transparent. At the very least, the figures that have been circulating since the beginning of 2020 would have to be put in relation to the evaluated results of the past few years, then a much more moderate picture would emerge.

Otherwise limp federal, state and local politicians act up and thanks to Corona enjoy increased power over the population. They impose bans on contact and assembly, and on the wearing of protective masks and the like, without parliamentary control and disregarding constitutionally guaranteed rights. Families are locked away in their apartments. Schools, day-care centers, universities, libraries, entertainment facilities and many shops have been closed, also offices, factories and other businesses, public facilities have not been available for three weeks now. This has created an unreal exceptional situation, only known from authoritarian states and wartime. And the subjects, fearing for their lives, go on their knees before the authorities.

New numbers of infected and fatalities are now being announced daily. Television reports on the suffocation of victims and shows terrible pictures of overcrowded clinics with suffering patients and overworked staff. Restrictive measures have been prolonged, with no end in sight so far. Surprisingly, there is no debate about the profit-oriented health system, the privatization of hospitals and the emergency plans for epidemics, which have not been updated for years.

Positive side effects such as an increased willingness to help and sympathy among the population are encouraging. On the other hand, the block warden mentality has increased and informers are in business. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the measures to contain the corona epidemic are gradually having more serious consequences for people than an infection. There seems to be no alternative to dealing with the epidemic so far and a discussion is being prevented. There is relative calm in the country, for many a kind of shock-induced paralysis, although the certainties of the widest sections of the population are no longer valid.

An economic and financial crisis, which has been emerging for a while now, is obviously imminent. Nevertheless, the policy of aggression and sanctions imposed by the USA is being maintained. Since the beginning of 2020, society has fundamentally changed in its democratic self-image, but so far there has been little opposition, certainly not resistance, and the subjects are submitting. It remains to be seen whether this will continue as the pressure of suffering grows. Perhaps, first of all, we should distribute jelly bag caps in addition to the respirator masks.

The writer and publicist Dr. jur. Wolfgang Bittner lives in Göttingen.






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Image source: Mark Brandon / shutterstock


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