The U.S. Democrats’ ” Takeover”

By Thomas Röper. Barely in office, the Biden administration has launched an electoral reform that would mandate nationwide the postal […]

6. März 2021 44

IT’S ENOUGH! Call for nationwide demonstrations on 13.03.2021

An appeal by the initiative “Es Reicht” (Enough is enough). One year of lockdown politics, enough is enough! For freedom […]

3. März 2021 45

Dr. Markus Söder, you are doing the work of the devil, not the work of God!

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the Free State of Bavaria By Rudolf Hänsel. Sir! Franz Josef Strauß, one […]

2. März 2021 84

PRESS RELEASE Freie Bürger Kassel – Large demonstration in Kassel on 20.03.2021

PRESS RELEASE Freie Bürger Kassel, 25.02.2021 We will all be there! On Saturday, March 20, 2021, a large-scale demonstration for […]

27. Februar 2021 83

PRESS RELEASE Querdenken-711: Querdenken distances itself from the website “Satanistische-Querdenker”

Stuttgart/23.02.2021 As we had to discover, a mythological group is currently using the name Querdenken, and thus its current meaning […]

24. Februar 2021 43

Lockdown on Sylt. Corona is not God’s will

By Uli Gellermann. Hastily, the woman pulls up her pants, extremely embarrassed to be seen by passers-by along a path […]

24. Februar 2021 56

The misery of humanity does not touch our hearts

The misery of mankind does not touch our heart. But the disease that we do not heal in others will […]

22. Februar 2021 112

INSTAGRAM shadowbans KenFM

INSTAGRAM had imposed a shadowban on the KenFM channel. Our channel was no longer be found on INSTAGRAM via the […]

22. Februar 2021 19