KenFM zeigt: Vortrag von Richard Gage in der Berliner Urania (englisch)

“Der smarte Weg, um Menschen passiv und gefügig zu halten, ist, das Spektrum der akzeptierten Meinung strikt zu limitieren, gleichzeitig aber eine lebhafte Diskussion darin zuzulassen.“

Diese von Noam Chomsky beschriebene Methode, um elementare Fragen gar nicht erst aufkommen zu lassen, beziehungsweise Zweifel bereits im Keim zu ersticken, wird in den letzten Jahren auf kein Ereignis stärker angewandt als auf die Geschehnisse des 11. September 2001.

Der amerikanische Architekt Richard Gage, Mitglied der Organisation „Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth“, lässt sich nicht einschüchtern und reist seit Jahren um die Welt, um seine kritischen Fragen zu den Terroranschlägen einer breiteren Masse zu stellen. Wir zeigen am heutigen 14. Jahrestag von 9/11 die Aufzeichnung seines englischsprachigen Vortrages in der Berliner Urania.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion strictly, but at the same time allow a lively discussion in it.”

This method described by Noam Chomsky in order not to allow fundamental questions arise in the first, or doubt to stifle in the bud, is in no event more used in recent years as to the events of September 11, 2001

The American architect Richard Gage, member of the organization “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, can not be intimidated and traveling for years around the world to provide its critical questions about the terrorist attacks a wider audience. We show today 14th anniversary of 9/11, the record of his English-language lecture at the Berlin Urania.


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6 Kommentare zu: “KenFM zeigt: Vortrag von Richard Gage in der Berliner Urania (englisch)

  1. Michael Kanellos sagt:

    The Russian whistleblower Dimitri Khalezov has published a book on the Internet containing several facts regarding 9/11 that he witnessed (which is more than just a theory) explaining both the nuclear controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon attack. His argumentation is very much fact-based and very logical. As a former member of the Red Army nucler weapons department and because of his former cooperation with secret service agents he also explains clearly how the intentional misinformation of most people is performed and how even politicians are misinformed by creating a ‘confidential’, yet still wrong ‘second truth’. This explains not only the basic scheme of the 9/11 attack (it was really an attack) but also the fact that the outrageous ‘official version’ of 9/11 (which had to be ‘established’ within a few hours while US government was in state of nuclear alert and thus is not as elaborated us you would expect a usual scam by a big government) was accepted and even propagated by governments of all allied countries – but he also reveals quite shocking things about the French secret service – also based on facts of course.
    An interesting fact that also follows form the facts shown in Khalezovs book is that there seems to be no real consensus at all within the NATO how to deal with nuclear technology and also nuclear weapons. Especially there is obviously a big amount of dissent ‘behind the scenes’ between USA, France and Israel, and the closest allies in this are France and Israel (not ‘USrael’ as often conjectured).

    You can find the book and download links at ‘’.
    As a good first read these articles might serve:
    (the latter containing a link to the anthrax attacks and an explanation of how they are linked to the blaming of Saddam Hussein and Iraq)

  2. Michael Kanellos sagt:

    Regarding these events there is a so-called ‘Illuminati Game’ (which in my opinion is in fact an ugly offense against real illuminatic/masonic values regardless of whether you like freemasons or not). Google helps also here. This ‘game’ contains not only outrageous predictions of 911 and a tidal wave as ‘attack’ but also a card with a landmark Japanese clock tower showing 3 11 – and a hint of a ‘combination’ to another event and card which ‘predicted’ Fukushima. These are facts and not theories and they indicate that terrorists followed this agenda. In my opinion there are clear indications for involvement of somemedia executives (not all of course) into these atrocities. Especially I think that US government is exposed to possible blackmailing by ruthless media decision makers. There certailny are some fakes where parts of the media business were involved which US government does not want to have exposed. With the threat of exposing such material unscrupulous media representatives can very likely put pressure even on US government. And there are ties between US media and US military.

  3. Michael Kanellos sagt:

    There are also other very prominent cases where the ‘official’ versions are in fact subject to fundamental questions also in scientific level: The most obvious beside 911 might be ‘311’, the disaster at Fukushima. Google helps- there are blatant flaws in the official Fukushima version and there are hints to nuclear devices. And also the 2004 tsunami is in question – here the proofs are of course hard to obtain (the event occurred below sea level).

  4. Michael Kanellos sagt:

    PPS: Serious research about nuclear demolition regarding 9/11 can be done technically relatively easy. The only obstacle, which is a substantial one, is a political one: Independent researchers will no be able to get material for (small) nuclear detonators (which of course is very much ok).
    Technically it would be quite easy to provide a small model of WTC 1,2 and 7 and construct very small nuclear detonators, of course with appropriately high security measures, to ‘copy’ the proposed demolition. I am quite sure that it really would look like a miniature 9/11. If not, of course, this would be a real debunking. But exactly that semms to be obstructed by all means, as stated above, Wikipedia censors the topic in general.

  5. Michael Kanellos sagt:

    Regarding the first screen ‘Does this look like a gravitational collapse?’:
    Definitely not. I think it clearly looks like a nuclear demolition combined with explosion of the upper floors with burning bombs – AE911Truth states that clearly thermite was found in the debris which is one of the very few materials that can bu used for that. With Kerosene this is obviously not possible. Kerosene does not melt and cut steel.
    Another crucial aspect is that the amount of debris and dust that was found above surface is clearly of less amount as the weight of the huge Twin Towers and especially Buliding 7. Nuclear demolition is a brutal procedure also when applied correctly (and ist usually far from being approved by society, which I find very understandable) but it has the aspect that it creates a cavity below the bulilding which allows a big part of the building to fall in. This is clearly observed at Building 7 (also in the official videos), which is smaller than the Twin Towers and literally sinks into the floor.
    This has nothing to do with conspiracy theory. This is physics and engineering topic. But parts of the mainstream and pseudoalternative media even turn to blatant anti-scientific propaganda. Wikipedia has at the moment censored(!) all articles regarding nuclear demolition, also if they are written without any judgement regarding 9/11. This is not only a blatant affront by pseudo-independent Wikipedia against all physicists who research in this area but can be seen as kind of a rollback to medieval policies where organizations in power do massive efforts to prevent science and information.

    • Michael Kanellos sagt:

      PS: I have done a little research into the history of the laboratories which developed the atomic bombs for the USA and of course also about the leading scientists. As if the communist-like 150% loyalty of these mostly really brilliant scientists to the US military was not stunning enough, my jaw really (literally) dropped when I heard the name of the main project for constructing atomic bombs – it really had the name ‘MANHATTAN project’. This is conspiracy theory now – I know – and of course the name of the project is no real evidence for anything and can be pure coincidence – but the question arises how much of a ‘coincidence theorist’ you have to be to NOT start any conspiracy theories in this topic.

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