PRESS RELEASE: Party dieBasis – The radical Lockdown

Duesseldorf 29.03.2021 – The Lockdown is extended, but the originally planned radical Lockdown is not going to be imposed. It leaked out after the conference of the Prime Ministers with the Chancellor on 23.03.2021 that Germany was to be forced into a tightened Lockdown during the Easter days from 01.04. to 05.04. The party dieBasis, as well as other political voices in the federal and state governments, oppose such measures.

Extract from the press release:


Bodo Oepen, chairman of the regional organization dieBasis North Rhine-Westphalia comments: “Once again, a reactive and poorly thought-out concept of the government is emerging, which already showed itself in the previous year in socially and economically questionable decisions and restrictions. Here, the welfare of the general public is no longer being taken into account. Especially the mask scandal of some politicians involved in the government should give us something to think about.”

The party dieBasis won just under one percent of the votes in the state elections in Baden-Württemberg just a few months after its founding and also intends to participate in the federal elections this fall – with the goal of moving into parliament.


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