Ein Artikel des Online-Magazins Rubikon von Andreas Hauß.

Mit den Waffen der Logik ist Terror oftmals besser beizukommen als mit Grundrechteabbau, Militarisierung und Krieg. 

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  1. Etwas Kontext von Globalresearch zu den aktuellen Vorgängen in GB:

    London Terror to Complete Brexit Coup d’Etat
    Overthrowing the Rule of EU Law
    By Prof. John McMurtry

    It is the Great Coup d’Etat of Globalization which has increasingly spread and ruled the world. All the degenerate trends of extreme inequality, private money power over all, rising youth unemployment, pervasive state corruptions, massive dispossessions, override of long-established workers’ rights, and multiplying ecocidal production and products – the list is a vast profile of one-way degeneration of social systems across borders  – are put on fast-forward by corporate and bank globalization.  And all remain unconnected in the mass media and avoided by governing political parties

    The London Bridge Attack and What Is Behind the String of Terrorism
    By Brandon Turbeville

    “The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep people frightened.’” – 1984
    More importantly, the roots of extremism are firmly planted in the halls of MI-6, the CIA, and other Western intelligence agencies as well as the halls of the British government who not only manipulate jihadists, but actually create, fund, and direct them throughout the entire world, including on British soil.

    Both London and Manchester Terrorists Linked to UK Covert Operations in Syria and Libya
    By Mark Curtis

    In December 2011, it was reported that “with explicit consent from Transitional National Council (TNC) chairman” (supported by the UK and NATO) “600 highly motivated troops fresh from toppling the Gaddafi regime” were shipped to Syria to fight alongside the FSA. “The trigger-happy Libyans have access to a wealth of weapons plundered from the Gaddafi’s regimes military depots or gently ‘donated’ by NATO and Qatar”.[12]

    • “ Bei der Plausibilität, das betont Wikipedia zu Recht, ist der Kontext entscheidend. Wer davon ausgeht, dass der gute Westen vom bösen Islam bedroht wird, und mehr müsse man nicht wissen, der hält auch die absurdesten Szenarien für plausibel. “

      Damit ist in ein Paar Wörten alles gesagt.
      Anatol Lieven schrieb das schon Ende Sept 2001 in Guardian.

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