The luminous city on the hill

A comment by Mathias Bröckers.

The Real Game Of Thrones in the exceptional kingdom is heading for a new climax: the impeachment of the king with the magnificent squirrel hairstyle. King Donald is to be „impeached“, at least that’s what the parliament called „House“ wants, where the Democratic Party has the majority. They had invited „witnesses“ for a final round, but they could not testify to anything about Donald’s alleged atrocities, but were legal experts who were to express their opinions. Whether a dismissal was justified in view of the accusations that Donald wanted to deny the King of Ukraine military aid if he was not investigating the corruption of „Sleepy Joe“ Biden and his son Hunter. One of the three scholars did not see it that way, because this would be the first Impeachment in history, in which the king has not yet been proven guilty of any crime, but the other specialists were hardly able to get their consent. The exceptionalistic kingdom, according to Professor Pamela, „is the shining city on the hill. We cannot be the shining city on the hill and promote democracy around the world if we do not promote it here at home. It’s not just about protecting our national interests, the elections, or ensuring that Ukraine stays strong and fights the Russians so we don’t have to fight them here, but it’s in our national interest to promote democracy worldwide“.

There he was again, the Ultra-evil, who caused Hillary’s defeat and who lifted Donald to the throne. And who with his trolls and troops has the shining city on the hill in his crosshairs and has been standing in front of the gates called „Russiagate“ for three years. And tomorrow the White House will only be held back from conquering thanks to the brave and fully democratic Ukraine, which of course needs weapons. Anyone who refuses or even delays this is a traitor and a serious criminal and must be removed from office. Finally, the legal scholar Pamela added, King Donald is not a monarch: „He can call his son Barron, but not make him a Baron.

The fact that „Sleepy Joe“ Biden once – as viceroy under the sympathetic Nobel Prize winner Obama – could carry his son Hunter to the Ukraine to hunt – as is well known, he received a salary of millions for doing nothing at the gas company of an oligarch – that was not yet an issue at the hearing, but it will be when the senate has to decide on the impeachment at the latest. And Joe did not react sleepy at all, but very aggressively, when he was asked by a voter at an event in Iowa about these dubious deals. „You’re a damn liar,“ he said to the man, “ No one has said my son has done anything wrong“ And he added: „I’m not sedentary, look, the reason I’m running is because I’ve been around a long time and I know more than most people know and I can get things done. That’s why I’m running. You want to check my shape man, let’s do pushups together here, man. Let’s run. Let’s do whatever you want to do. Let’s take an IQ test. Ok?“ he pointed to the consternated questioner: „Fat.“

Most people in the kingdom didn’t like this extremely unroyal reaction at all, but it made clear the sore point on which Donald and his friends will be riding very pleasurably in the upcoming impeachment hearings in the Senate. To this end, Donald’s Consigliere, whom everyone called „Rudy“, has now returned to Ukraine to gather further evidence of the false accusations. Meanwhile, it turned out that the head of the Impeachment Circus, Adam Schiff, had the phones of Rudy, a member of parliament and a journalist wiretapped to prove any crimes against them, but mistook the phone numbers. Because it is not the fine democratic way to spy on deputies and royal lawyers, the eager Adam, who Donald only calls „Bull-Schiff“ or „Shifty Schiff“, must then expect a summons to the Senate hearings. Like many other Democrats, who will be grilled by Donald’s hottest dogs in the Senate in the coming weeks and months and will not look good – while the king with the squirrel hair can conduct a splendid election campaign out in the country and easily win the election in 2020. Because the Democrats have nothing better to do than to run an impeachment circus based on hearsay from hearsay, which will end up failing just as much as the Russiagate bubble based on hearsay from Hillary. They have given up politics – and with the majority in parliament they are fighting back against Donald simply painting the meal vouchers for 700,000 people in need ? Such a thing is not an issue for „democrats“ in the glowing city on the hill. The fact that Donald called them „Do-nothing Democrats“ is fitting in this respect: they have waved through the money for his wall and fabulous billions for the military, they are doing nothing and nothing against his policy again… they just want to take the throne.

Mathias Bröckers recently published „Don’t Kill The Messenger – Freedom for Julian Assange“ at Westendverlag. The first season of the Real Game of Thrones was also published there as a book: „König Donald, die unsichtbaren Meister und der Kampf in den Thron”. He blogs on


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